Birding en Aiaraldea

Over 9,000 species of birds practically inhabit all the ecosystems in our planet, from seas to deserts to mountain forests to swamps and jungles, even in large cities full of noise and pollution.

The number of people arriving from other municipalities to watch birds increases year after year.

With the aim of offering the highest quality and most complete service possible, a new product has been created called “Birding Euskadi”. This product is directed to bird watchers. That is, to tourists who travel with the purpose of observing and/or studying birds and that regulate bird watching in a sustainable and organized fashion considering the fragility of the resource.

Amongst the different areas that the Basque Country has to enjoy this type of tourism, Aiaraldea and especially the magnificent wall of Mountain Range Salvada stand out. Species such as the Red-backed Shrike and the Wryneck inhabit these mountainsides, while there is a significant amount of Yellowhammers and Water Pipits in pastures and heathlands on the mountaintops. In addition, the 25 km of lime wall that comprise the mountain range are a nesting area for an important community of birds of prey, amongst of which the Egyptian Vulture, the Griffon Vulture, the Peregrine Falcon, the Red-billed and Yellow-billed Chough, the Alpine Swift, the Rock Thrush and the Alpine Accentor are worth mentioning.

As a result, the region features unbeatable ornithological resources, being the fall of river Nervión one of the most suitable viewpoints from which to watch them from, as well as providing easily accessible spectacular views of the valley.

You can collect information about the observation areas (types of birds, how to get there, how to identify each species, etc.) in any tourism office within the region.

You can also visit the Web page Birding Euskadi at and download information regarding the recommended places in the different parts of the territory, which birds are in each location, how to get there, and tourism information if you are planning to organize a trip (accommodation, restaurants...).

We invite both experts and amateurs in ornithology to this marvellous location in the Salvada Mountain Range, where you will be able to enjoy an incredible natural reserve and discover a countless amount of birds that inhabit or rest in this location following their long migratory trips.